Hi everyone!

So I’m doing something a bit different and sharing a song cover with you!

If you follow me on my snapchat (CurvyLiving) you might have seen me already speak about why I’m starting to do some singing videos.

When I graduated from Drama School I didn’t enjoy singing anymore. All the pressure from 3 years of training got to me and my ability. I was trying to fit all the categories of singing that is needed to be a ‘successful’ performer. I was trying to have songs from every genre in my rep folder even though a lot of it did not sit well with me. I felt like I was doing this against my better judgement just so I’d be ‘prepared’ when I step into an audition. Even if I sound sh** at least I had a suitable song that fits the genre they were asking for. Hmmm..no thanks. What is the point in that.

I’m not a ‘singer’ I’m a performer. I love to perform and tell a story. Acting through song is my thang! And that’s what I held on to throughout my training! Tutors kept saying – you don’t need to be the best singer in the world as long as you tell the story! Well…there was many an occasion where I COULD NOT sing the song but gosh darn it I bloody told that story! And that’s what I love about Musical Theatre…music enhances emotions to a new level, it gives me goosebumps and tears in my eyes. Just the thought of ‘In the Heights’ finale gives me shivers! “Take the train to the top of the world and I’m there I’m hooooommmeeeeeee!”

Anyway I digress…

Music is such a big part of my soul and what makes me happy. I miss singing. So I have decided to bring it back! I’m doing this for fun! Don’t expect me to make a return to the audition world. I’m going to stick to my model castings for now 😉  *slay*

I hope you enjoy my first video! 😀 Let me know what other songs you’d like me to cover!

Abby xoxo



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