The Perfect Wimbledon Outfit

Hey everyone,

When it comes to sports I don’t know much! The only 2 I keep up with is Golf and Tennis. I actually enjoy watching these so when it comes to Wimbledon I lap it up!

3 years ago my friend Tally & I queued in the early hours of the morning to get in and we made it! (we were even lucky enough to sit in centre court) We had a fab day as we are both big Wimbledon lovers! Last year we weren’t so lucky. We were in the queue for many hours in the sun and unfortunately it was not meant to be! The only thing I left with was a burnt back!

If you can’t personally make it to Wimbledon it’s always fun to host a Wimbledon viewing party! Especially on the finals. There’s endless tennis themed things on pinterest to make!

So if you’re attending/hosting a viewing party or you are heading over to the famous tennis courts I have found the perfect Wimbledon outfit!

It’s all about the strawberries!


Mixing the red strawberries with the mint gingham is a perfect combo! The whole outfit can be found on Collectif Clothing’s webiste – here

Tag me in any of your wimbledon inspired pics – @CurvyLiving

Here’s to a fab final week at Wimbledon and I’ll (obviously) be rooting Mon Murray!!

Abby xoxo

Photography : Nathan Jones

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