The Body Confidence Revolution Ambassador!

Got some more exciting news to share!

I have been chosen to be an ambassador for ‘The Body Confidence Revolution’!

“Everyone has the basic human right to be proud of their body.” – Leyah Shanks.

I came across Leyah Shanks – the creator and founder of The Body Confidence Revolution (#TBCR) on instagram. She posts very real, unedited pics of herself and other women from all over the world. The pics may be of stretch marks, cellulite, scars etc and they allow followers to see that we’re all human! We all have these things that society is telling us to hate and to be ashamed of. But #TBCR is putting a stop to that.

TBCR  is promoting positive body image by providing an alternative to the mainstream media industry by displaying real life diversity in all of its beautiful glory. It is challenging stereotypes of beauty and proving that gorgeousness is limitless. Leyah is redefining the stereotypical idea of  what ‘perfection’ means.

I also love that she is challenging the word ‘flaw’ and it’s negative connotations. How often do we refer to these things on our bodies as flaws – I know I do! But Leyah has made me realise that they are nothing but physical characteristics. I have always preached “accept your flaws!” But using the word ‘flaw’ is insinuating that these things are bad. But they’re not bad at all! They are totally normal!

I love connecting with people and discussing these topics, it helps broaden my knowledge on certain topics I may not have experienced first hand. I get the chance to see things from different perspectives.

I am so excited to be a part of it and join Leyah in promoting the Body Confidence message.

Make sure you’re following me on Instagram/Twitter @CurvyLiving to keep updated.

And check out Leyah of course :

Twitter: @IAMLEYAHSHANKS & @BConfidenceRev

Instagram : iamleyahshanks


Thanks guys xoxo

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