The Self-Love Club Event

Hey guys!

So excited to finally announce this awesome event that myself and my friend Nadia (Nadia’s Blog) have organised in association with The Girl Gains.

Imagine if one day all of the women in the world just woke up and decided to love themselves unconditionally. The entire world would be turned upside-down. Thousands upon thousands of businesses would disappear such as fast food chains, beauty products, cosmetic surgeries, fad diet products and novelty exercise equipment companies. Women would be more ambitious, more successful and much more happy. So with this in mind, why do we, as women, bombard ourselves daily with thousands of negative and self-destructive thoughts? Why don’t we make a choice? The choice to love ourselves. 

Self-love is not an enlightenment; it is a practice. A practice to wake up every day and choose to only observe our uniqueness and our brilliance; to eradicate comparisons and to treat ourselves like we would treat our closest and dearest friends. Only once we have achieved this can we set goals for the right reasons: Goals to get stronger, not to get leaner; goals to get healthier, not to get slimmer and goals to be kinder, not to be more liked. We begin to make decisions not based on what we do not like about ourselves, but to improve on areas that we already love to pieces. Our actions do not require constant validation, rather they are driven by our own loving opinions of ourselves.

You are one in seven billion people will never be like anyone else so comparisons are a waste of energy. You are already bloody fantastic as you are. 

There is no need for extremes in diet or exercise regime to achieve the best version of yourself because that comes when you have achieved self-love. You will fuel your body with the correct nutrients because you love yourself and your body deserves that kindness. You will want to get out of the house and move/lift weights/dance/swim/run because our bodies love and need exercise and you love your body. 

Join ‘The Self-Love Club’ for an afternoon tea to be inspired, educated and empowered by amazing practitioners in self-love  and meet like-minded girls.

DATE- 15th May at Greenshoots in Edinburgh.

Ticket Release- 9th April

Intimate event so be quick to grab them! Follow myself @CurvyLiving, @HealthyNadiaIsabel @GreenshootsEdinburgh @TheGirlGains on instagram for your chance to get a ticket!

I’ll be there doing a talk on body confidence and will also be joined by ‘Clean Eating Alice’ – as she promotes her new book (coming out May 19th) The Body Bible!

It’s going to be great and I can’t wait to see you there 🙂 xoxo

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