Heist + Revolutionary Plus Size Tights

When I was at The Curve Fashion Festival back in September I came across the tight brand ‘Heist’. On their stand they had awesome  pictures of women of all shapes and sizes in acrobatic positions wearing their tights.

They looked comfy and it caught my eye! They were asking for feedback on what we would want from a pair of tights. As a curvy size 14 I have to buy size L or XL when it comes to buying in-store tights. So I can’t imagine how the 16+ ladies are feeling. The waistband digs and they are never long enough. They are sometimes tight on my thighs like there isn’t enough fabric for my legs!

Well, finally Heist have released their brand new revolutionary size 16-24 pair of tights! I’ve been lucky enough to try them out the past week and I LOVE them! Honestly, so comfy. The high waist band is dreamy. It doesn’t roll down, no holes and no tightness on my thighs! Hurrah!

To create the perfect plus-size tights Heist worked with fit models of all different shapes and sizes in their sampling process to work out what these women’s bodies need, rather than multiplying up the dimensions of smaller sizes. Heist tights are knitted in one continuous tube using a smart 3D knitting technique. This results in a seamless pair of tights in the appropriate length that don’t slip down, roll or dig in. Unlike any other ‘plus size’ tights.

Heist have launched the Fifty and Eighty denier in sizes 16 – 24 with the spring range (Nude, Thirty) coming soon. Heist tights start at £22 (with worldwide delivery) and are exclusively available at: http://www.heist-studios.com.



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