Plus Size Model debate on Radio 2!

Hey everyone,

I had an exciting afternoon as I spoke on Jeremy Vine’s BBC Radio 2 show! (Recording below!) One of the topics they were discussing was fuller figure models – ref Ashley Graham on the cover of Sports Illustrated and Edwina Currie’s comments about her on the BBC News.

Firstly, Edwina called Ashley Graham obese….yeah let that sink in for a moment. And continued to say that she is unhealthy and doing her pancreas a lot of damage – Ummm Edwina you do not know the state of Ashley’s pancreas thank you very much!  And if she bothered to research the topic of Ashley Graham she would she the amazing things she is doing:

  • The work out videos she posts, encouraging curvier women to get up and move with the hashtag #CurvyFitClub.
  • Her inspirational TED talk.
  • Her continuing posts of self-love and body confidence on her social sites.
  • Promoting healthy eating and helping women find that balanced lifestyle of being healthy and living life to the fullest.

Seeing as Ashley is one of my inspirations I knew I had to speak up!! I felt like they were bashing on one of my best friends!

Click on the video below to listen to my interview. However, I was not expecting to be put on the line with Katie Hopkins!! As soon as the guy told me I said “Oh no!” haha! You can hear her either side of my interview. Some of the comments she made on the topic was just ridiculous…her reply after I spoke was pitiful, she ignored the point I was making about still choosing to live a healthy balanced lifestyle at a curvier size. She doesn’t want to bring positivity to world does she?! I don’t expect anything else from this horrid woman.

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