Last Minute Party Holiday Outifts!

With Christmas day only a few sleeps away some of us may have been so busy buying presents and getting the house ready for all the family to come that we might have completely forgotten about what we’re going to wear!! Panic over! Check out some of the looks below that are perfect for the holiday season.

I always love a white dress at christmas, put a little bit of fake tan on so it really makes the white *POP*! Love this bodycon, long-sleeved dress from ASOS. The embellishment on the collar is the perfect touch to really give it that holiday feel! Anything that sparkles! I am very proud of my curves and if you are too this dress is perfect for showing them off!! It’s a really comfy, stretchy bodycon material so after eating a christmas dinner you won’t feel like you need to be cut out of your dress!

CLICK TO BUY – ASOS – WHITE DRESS (It’s on sale now!!)


Next up – getting a bit more glam! I’m seeing this as a New Years outfit. This teal maxi dress teamed up with a colourful faux fur collar really stands out and is a beaut outfit to start off the new year in! I love mixing bright colours so I am a big fan! The dress is from Miss Guided and faux fur collar from River Island (via Very…wasn’t available on the RI website.)



The third look is a bit more casual. I’d wear this when I’m maybe going to visit my family and is something that could be worn on a day-to-day basis rather than night out. As I mentioned earlier I love colour so black seems an odd choice! But it is covered in sequins! Gorgeous black sequin jumper with bow detail on the back – my favourite, Kate Spade. And I spotted this polka dot skirt in a vintage shop on Etsy. Although it is all black the sequins make it sparkle and my blonde hair keeps it bright.


Finally, we all need a red dress for the Christmas season! This dress is from Collectif Clothing and you can find me modelling it on their website. I loved this dress from the moment I tried it on! And the main reason being because I didn’t have to wear a bra! Being curvy and having a big bust the pure relief when not wearing a bra is amazing! So having a dress that has enough support in place makes me feel so light and free!! It does create quite a lot of cleavage so only go for this one if you’re comfortable with that. But it has a lovely neckline and a nice tight fit that really shows off your waist.


And there we have it. A few fun holiday looks! If you buy any of these and wear them over the next few weeks please tag me on insta @CurvyLiving or even if you just take inspiration from these looks!

Follow me on Insta and Twitter @CurvyLiving – I’m sure I’ll be posting some fun things over the Christmas Holiday 🙂

Have an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year!! xoxo

p.s. sorry some of the pics aren’t fully focused! I got a fancy new camera and I need to learn how to work it!

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