Reaction to #PlusSizedWars

Evening all!

Well it’s been a while again since the last post! Oops. But do not fear I am back baby! Get ready for regular blog posts and a few fun vlogs that I’m going to set up with some of my girlfriends and have a chat and discussion about self-love/body confidence and what that means to them. I’m excited for what’s to come!

Anyway I wanted to throw up a post tonight after I watched the documentary Plus Sized Wars that was on Channel 4 tonight. (you will be able to catch it online if you missed it.)

It made me think about what I want to do as a role model. What I want to blog about. What I want to help women with. I think previously I’ve felt my ‘target audience’ would be curvy girls like me. But actually I’m about body confidence for ALL women. From a size 2 all the way to 20+. For me it’s about finding your size when you can love yourself, be comfortable and lead a healthy lifestyle. And that can be different for all women. I’m looking forward to collaborating with one of my best friends and Personal Trainer Tally. She could not have more of an opposite body shape to me! But we are both at a place where we love how we look, we’re healthy, we’re active and loving life! That’s the key.

I loved Georgina Horne (better known as fullerfigurefullerbust on insta) on the show when she made a point about wanting to work out more regularly and get more fit for her future – she’s getting married and wants to start a family. When you’re a Mum you want to be fit and ready to be running around after your kids. Taking them to places and having good ol’ fashioned fun outdoors!

Shay Carl – a famous youtuber, well known from ‘The Shaytards’ family daily vlogs was heavily obese and realised he had to make a change if he wanted to live a full life with his family. After losing the weight his life changed dramatically. He can create those memories with his family and do fun activities and travel to places he may have struggled before.

You can be happy with yourself whatever size….you can love yourself if you are a size 24 – that’s amazing and I’m not against that. But for me personally what it comes down to is a balanced healthy lifestyle. Wanting your body to live as long as it can. Then you truly love your body and appreciate all that it does. The human body is a remarkable thing. When you exercise regularly and feed it the right things it’s amazing the remarkable change it can have to your life as it inspires you mentally and physically.

Let’s start on a journey together as we find where we are happy. I am personally the happiest I have been at size 12. With big 30GG boobs.

Lets be unapologetically ourselves.

If you have any questions or want advice on a certain topic please comment on here or tweet/inst/fb me! Going to be doing a Q and A vid with Tally. Will be up within the next couple weeks 🙂

Until next time, have a good one and say three things you like about yourself (doesn’t have to be physical things) in the mirror before going to sleep! #selflove xoxo

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