Gettin’ healthy with Instagrammer @TallyRye

I don’t know about you but I have found myself in a chocolate induced coma.

I hate the moment you realise you are stuck in an unhealthy rut – the effort to get yourself out is a lot! BUT – a week in and I am feeling so much better! Finding the time to prep some meals and have healthier snacks is so worth it! I feel good because I am eating food that is providing me with energy that lasts.

I have got a new part-time job whilst I am an unemployed actress (wah!) at L.K Bennet. Yes Duchess Kate shops there aaallll the time. 😉 So it has been the perfect opportunity to get back on the healthy wagon and prepare healthy nutritious meals to keep me awake and energised for long days at work whilst I am styling women and running up & down to the stock room in heels!

Luckily one of my close friends here in Guildford is a pro at this stuff! She’s even Instagram famous!! With over 11,000 followers on her instagram account Tally Rye knows what she is talking about when it comes to keeping fit and eating clean.

I had a personal bootcamp session with her last week to mark the beginning of my new regime…she killed me. I felt like I was on Biggest Loser rolling around in the grass complaining that I can’t do it…I can’t do another squat!

I am weak.

I am however excited to squeeze in another session with her this week – I definitely believe I will be more energised this time! I promise Tally 😉

To mark reaching over 10,000 followers on her Insta account she has created an E-Book!!



She has carefully put together over 30 of her personal favourite Breakfast recipes and Protein-packed desserts. She has also included lots of handy tips as well as an Ingredients guide to more specialist stuff. This is designed to get you inspired and to give you the tools to create YOUR OWN recipes too! The E-Book is £4.50 (which works out at roughly $7.50.)

BUT!!…Now Celebrating 11k followers on IG, enjoy an 11% discount off Tally’s e-book ‘Breakfast Eats & Protein Treats’ CODE: Insta11 (Limited time only!)

You lucky people 😉


I can’t wait to get started and make some of these delish recipes!

So give Tally a follow on her instagram >

AND she is on twitter too (for those not on insta like me!) >

Have a fabulous fighting fit week!!




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