I have Graduated!

Well…it’s happened. I am no longer a student. Wow, 5 years & here I am.

We had a great send off at PPA – thanks to all the faculty for being awesome people and our fabulous principal Louise. It really was the best couple of days.

The Graduation Ceremony was lovely with all years performing. We had rehearsed our own epic mash up of songs that we learnt from 1st-3rd yr. And of course including Gezza T and Jill’s choreography that we have mastered over the 3 years. 😉

2 of PPA’s patrons were there to hand out certificates. The lovely Hadley Fraser and Steven Hartley.

Someone also organised a film with pics and vids accumulated over the past 3 years. Definitely got emotional watching that – remembering all the hilarious, good times we have had together as a year.

And being the wannabe American that I am I gave the Valedictorian speech which I loved! (Even got a cheeky selfie on stage!) I genuinely love giving speeches…favourite assessment was political speech in Voice!


Then the following day – Grad Ball. I went to get my make-up done at the MAC counter in House of Fraser. Never done it before so was a tad nervous but absolutely loved it! Shout out to Amber who was lovely and totally got my vibe..also helped that she was a Kardashian Fan aswell. I wore Kim K’s fav lipstick.


Also what made my night was my Sherri Hill prom dress from America. My all time fav dress I’ve ever worn.

The night was fantastic and we had a great time saying our final good byes and boogieing all night on the dance floor.

Here are some pics….

To the Class of 2014 – I love y’all! Gonna miss ya xoxo


Graduation '14

Graduation ’14




IMG_0950 IMG_0951IMG_1030 IMG_1029IMG_1031 IMG_1032

Grad Performance

Grad Performance


The Originals. Forever.

The Originals. Forever.


Photo-booth fun!

Photo-booth fun!


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