Surprise from Mrs Carter!


Friday December 13th was not an unlucky day for us! Beyoncé surprised the world and released her new visual album on iTunes…without  telling anyone! Thus confirming she is Queen and she can do what she wants!

Consisting of 14 songs and 17 videos this visual album is the best Christmas present any Beyoncé fan could ask for! From watching all 17 video’s in a row it’s clear we have another alter ego on the cards – yoncé. And she is a sex goddess!! This album is clearly the most sexually driven out of all the albums released from Beyoncé.

On first viewing (especially Partition and Drunk in Love) I was slightly shocked seeing Bey in such a provocative way, stripped down to a woman who is careless and at one with her body.  Peoples initial reaction might be shock and class this behaviour as slightly crude. But she is a 32 year old woman. She is married, she has a baby, she has made her mark on the world and is a female icon. She knows her body, she is a passionate woman and we can see she holds all her passion for one man only – her hubby and true love Jay-Z. (He’s a feature in a lot of the vids.) There is so many young teen stars that we see with sexual videos and performances – these young girls in comparison to QueenBey don’t know anything about sex and what it means to be a Grown Woman! I believe Beyoncé has the right to express this side to her fans and I can only imagine as an artist it is quite liberating.

And she looks HOT! Wow.

This album is definitely something people need to experience. Watching the videos and seeing what Beyoncé visualised whilst writing and singing these songs makes me feel connected to the music even more. Now when I listen to the album I have a stronger sense of the story she has created throughout this self-titled album.

And the final song dedicated to her baby girl Blue with Blue-Ivy talking at the end melted my heart and the video is so cute!!

Beyoncé takes us through her new album on iTunes Radio here’s the link – Beyonce Legion Webiste – iTunes Radio

Check out the video below where she explains why she has done this.

Get to iTunes and download some sexy Beyoncé now! I’ve been listening to it non-stop since released and it is just awesome! Some seriously amazing beats that I can’t help but groove to even when I’m on my own walking down the street! 😉

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