Positively Pinterest

Hey guys,

I’ve been crazy busy at PPA the past month – in full time rehearsals for our first professional production ‘Coram Boy.’ If you are in Guildford or London please come check it out it’s going to be amazing and something really special. You can book tickets at – http://www.bookwhen.com/ppacoramboy

Teaser Trailer – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vc-eLujFNpg&feature=youtu.be

Back to the blog – I have been introduced to Pinterest by my lovely friend Tally recently and I am addicted!

Before I started at Drama School…you know, when I had a lot of time to do other things I loved to Scrapbook! And I used to make themed collages all the time using magazine cuttings.

Pinterest is basically like having different electronic scrapbooks which hold further information for you to keep and organise nicely online without the pain of stuffing your drawers full with magazine cuttings and pictures for future reference.

Since I was younger my mum and I have always kept celeb wedding pics from magazines or from online and keep them in a folder in my room – now I can look at a wide range of wedding inspiration on Pinterest! It’s heaven! Yes, I am that girl who cannot wait to get married and dreams of my wedding….just need to find Prince Charming first!

Some of my boards include – Cooking & Baking recipes, Work out routines for the gym, home decor, beauty tips and of course one simply dedicated to The Queen Beyonce! One of my favourites that I always go back to and read is my inspiration board. I am a huge fan of quotes and anything that inspires me, there are amazing quotations that I have found so go have a look and join in on the pinning experience!

I like to believe I am a very positive person in life. I try and surround myself with things I like and have people that I look up to on my wall for daily inspiration and drive. That’s what I love about Pinterest – my boards are filled with things that I’d like to have in the future, places I’d like to go and people that I admire. It’s a social media site which can actually give positivity to your life!

So sign up and give it a try. You can be totally private with it, it’s not about who’s following you and getting as many as possible. It can be simply about you and your interests.


Hope you are all having a great weekend 🙂

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