Beyoncé – Mrs Carter Show World Tour

So….I have to fill you all in on my recent Beyoncé experience.

Sunday 5th May was the day I saw Queen Bey.

Now lets slow it down and talk about why I have followed/worshiped Beyoncé over many years.

She is one of my role models in life. I am truly inspired by her in many ways.

First of all, she is beautiful. The woman is bloody hot! She radiates confidence and can flawlessly mix being feminine, classy and sexy as hell!!! She’s got curves and aint afraid to show them!

She is a strong female figure. She has worked hard her whole life and done it her way. She runs her business and won’t do anything she doesn’t want to do. She is so highly involved in everything she produces and shares with the world. No wonder every time she performs it’s a hit because she has her personal touch all over it making it a one of kind Beyonce special. I have never seen a performer like her. And I believe we never will. She is undoubtedly making history.

During her recently released HBO Documentary Film ‘Life is but a Dream’ we were taken into her personal life which we dont see much of. After watching you can’t help but fall even more in love with her. You can clearly see she is a lovely person and has such strong belief in her faith which I really respect. Seeing her relationship with Jay Z was beautiful, they are genuine soul mates and will be together forever which just makes my heart melt! And then we see the journey of having Blue Ivy which is just adorable, her maternal side talking about being a mother which I personally found emotional because I share a lot of the same values.

So if you haven’t seen it go and check it out it’s a great watch, very inspiring.

Now, Beyonce is an entertainer. She is thee best performer I have ever seen. Studying Musical Theatre I understand how hard it is to simply get up, sing and wow an audience. It can be a lot harder than you think! And that’s without the dancing and booty shaking. Her stamina is insane. She is singing live – sounding amazing and doing some awesome dance moves and giving high energy 100% of the time she is on stage. When you see her in full force it is mind blowing – how is she doing this!?I’ve watched her concert DVDs and endless youtube vids of performances and I’m still in awe every single time. She never fails to amaze me.

The countdown to seeing B for the first time Live in concert was a long one. But it finally arrived. I was joined in this experience by my three gals Kara, Tally and Jourdan. I didn’t know how I was going to react. I’ve had some previous celeb viewings – Lea Michele at Glee Live…cried. Met Carrie Underwood in London…cried a little bit. So I had no clue what was going to come out of me when I see the woman who I have so much admiration and respect for.

I was very joyful throughout the day. Felt like the best day ever. But was still in denial that I was actually seeing Beyonce that night. As the night grew closer it was becoming more and more real. After ordering a ‘Single Ladies’ cocktail from the bar we were in our seats and ready to go. The build up before she came out was tense!! My god it felt like forever. But then I see her and well you know….cry with joy! One of the most surreal best moments ever! And then she flys over to the middle stage which was very close in front of us and I can actually see her face properly. I have had Beyonce as my wallpaper on my iPhone for years. I look at her everyday. And now I was looking at her in real life. She was right in front of me. I was freaking out!!! OMG it was just amazing!


The show was spectacular – what else would you expect from Mrs.Carter!? Costumes were amazing, singing top form, dancing fierce everything I love and more! I came out speechless. There was nothing I could say except – Wow. Amazing. Did that just happen! Wow. She’s just….wow.

ANNNNDDDD the lucky girl that I am I am seeing her again in her hometown Houston, Texas in July when I go over for the summer 😀 that is going to be a sick show! I won’t be surprised if she gets JayZ there or the Destiny Child girls since it’s her only show there “Houston Texas Baby!!” Cannot wait.

And lets not forget the release of her new album…..It’s going to be crazy! I’m already loving the song she performs at her concert Grown Woman can’t wait to get that on my ipod ASAP! As if she’s having a World Tour without releasing new music – but you see she can do that because she is Queen.

Ok…..well. Think that’s about it for this Friday night. Going to catch up on Nashville now.

Have a fabulous weekend! – Make a Beyoncé playlist, best thing you will ever do for yourself 😉


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