Curvy Girl with Body Confidence!

For those of you who know me you will be very aware that I’m curvy and proud and that I took part in Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra 2012 and came third!
But thought I would re-visit for my new blog, for new readers with further explanation!

It’s the time of year again for Curvy Kate and their Star in a Bra competition and I cannot believe it was this time last year I was taking part! Crazy! Every year they seem to get better and better – check out their Facebook page or follow them on twitter ( @curvykate ) to keep up to date with voting and backstage pics from the photo shoots to see some amazing women flaunting their curves. It really was an amazing experience and helped me become even more confident and acceptant about my body.

One of my CK submission pics!

One of my CK submission pics!

During this years campaign they have the awesome Body Gossip team involved (check them out – they are doing some great stuff) they also sell some sweet tshirts! After seeing one on the Curvy Kate fb page with ‘My body is freakin awesome FACT’ on it I HAD to buy one.

It is an amazing feeling to be so comfortable with myself and I realise how fortunate I am to think like this at my age (21) and for the business I am going in to. I try to advise all my close girl friends who have any body hang-ups because it truly does make life so much easier not worrying about what I look like all the time. Not thinking about sucking in my stomach or catching glances of myself in the mirror during a dance class and thinking ‘uch’. When I catch myself in the mirror I take a look and say – Hey, lookin’ good today Abs! It’s all about being positive! And no matter what you look like if you own it you will gain confidence – people like that and will accept you for what you are.

You also have to remember what you see in the mirror is probably completely different to what other people see. A personal recent example, was in an acting class I mentioned how I am always generally remembered by my big natural blonde hair (it’s truly fabulous 😉 ) and my tutor (shout out to King Paul!) said he has always remembered me by my nice skin. Now, I have never thought my skin was one of my better, stand out qualities.

Body Gossip TShirt

Body Gossip TShirt

And I’m pretty sure the previous night I said to my best friend & flatmate Kara-Ami (hey gurl) that I didn’t like my skin. That one comment has made me think differently about my skin, more positive. More accepting. And now I am a full blown all natural girl that’s not scared to been seen with no make-up on! Hallelujah.

So be nice to people, give compliments! One compliment could change someones perspective for their whole life!! Because of you!

And I have made it my mission in life to pass on my Body Confidence to young women I meet and hopefully make a positive change to their lives.

One more thing. Being active and eating healthier has made me feel so much better recently. When your body is is in good condition YOU feel in good condition physically and mentally. I’ve dropped down a bra size to a 30H and dropped a dress size to a 12 (from being an average UK size 14 for years!) Of course it’s not about what your clothes tag reads, its about what you see and how you feel inside.

Look in the mirror right now – yes right now get to a mirror! – and say “My body is freakin’ awesome. I am freakin’ awesome.” Believe it.

We can do this!

Have a great day!

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